Akosua Busia as Nettie in the film The Color Purple

"Oh, Celie, unbelief is a terrible thing. And so is the hurt we cause others unknowingly."

Basic Biography--

Name: Nettie
Occupation: Missionary in Africa

Nettie was separated from Celie and lived a life as a Missionary in Africa until her and Celie are reunited


Nettie, Celie’s younger sister, was separated from her sister once Celie was forced to live with Mr.. Nettie is another character who helps display the theme of cultural differences. Nettie represents, some might say, the kind of person a part of Celie wants to be. Nettie escaped her terrible home life while Celie just moved on to a different family, same treatment. While Nettie explores the world via mission trips, Celie is struggling to find happiness. The mistreatment of blacks is prevalent in The Color Purple, but through Nettie, the lives of different blacks can be realized. In the south, black people are beneath lower class and treated accordingly by white people. When Nettie travels to Harlem, she sees how black people have prospered. Nettie is amazed, considering the way blacks are treated back home. "There are colored people inmore fancy motor cars than I thought existed, and living in houses that are finer than any white person's house down home." (Walker, 135) In Africa, Nettie mentions that "we and the Africans will be working for a common goal: the uplift of black people everywhere." (Walker, 137). While it is universal knowledge that whites brutaly and savagely forced Africans into slavery, Nettie is bothered by the fact that within the Olinka village, "no one [...] wants to hear aboutslavery, however. They acknowledge no responsibility whatsoever. This is one thing about them that I definitely do not like." (Walker, 165) Not only does Nettie's character explore the cultural differences concerning black people, but also the theme of faith in God. She frequently mentions God and prayer in her letters to Celie. The two of them have this in common and through hope and faith, the two sisters can fight throguh their struggles- can fight long and hard enough to be reunited.

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